A   P  A  S  S  I  O  N

Beautiful fabrics and beautiful combinations... with handbags at the heart.

A   D R E A M

To create a business and share this wonderful venture with people who are keen to

see it grow whilst respecting and showcasing each and every person's work

(Manufacturers, Ambassadors, Employees, Consultants, Suppliers, etc.).

This is a MOTHER & DAUGHTER family business which is fully self-financed.

A N   I D E A

Rather than considering a bag as a single piece, LOLO CHATENAY views it as several

separate parts.

The aim is therefore to change the look of the bag depending on fashion trends as

well as the user's mood and style.

The initial manufacturers loved the idea. They believed the concept had true potential

and appreciated the boundless energy of the LOLO CHATENAY team.

This resulted in the birth of

M  A  G  I  C

M  E  T  A  M  O  R  P  H  O  S  I  S



09 / 2019



12 / 2018